Do you do printing?

Actually we’re a vinyl cutting company. The main difference is that instead of printing colours and graphics onto vinyl, the colour is already impregnated into the vinyl itself.

Why is coloured vinyl better than printing?

Vinyl printing is perfectly fine, but the vividness and brightness of precision cut, coloured vinyl just can’t be beat for colour intensity and level of impact in our opinion.

And for business signage – we believe – that’s the whole aim.

How long will it take to receive my order?

Once payment has cleared, we say allow approximately 2-3 weeks for your signage to arrive. Although in most cases the turnaround time is a lot quicker, usually within a week.

What kind of warranty do you offer?

We guarantee that all products in perfect, ready-to-install condition at the time of delivery. As all signage will installed/applied by the purchaser, we can’t make any guarantees as to the level or longevity of adhesion to different surfaces, or the quality of application once installation has commenced, as all of these factors will be influenced by the attention to detail and the skill of the person installing the product.

We are however here to help with any and all questions you might have prior to installation to ensure that applying your new signage to your car or shop window goes as smoothly and professionally as possible.

Are your products suitable for use outdoors?

All vinyl we use is rated is rated for 2-3 years in outdoor areas including vehicle signage, window signage etc.

However due to the extreme range of conditions we have in Australia, vinyl may respond differently depending on the level and duration of exposure to sunlight. At any rate, using a suitable UV protectant and keeping signage out of direct sunlight (car ports, garages etc) when vehicles are not in use will extend the life of your signage as best as possible.